Friday, November 11, 2011

I Smile

Have you ever heard the song, I Smile, by Kirk Franklin? 

I've heard this song many times on the radio, and I always enjoyed it because it talked about how we all look so much better when we smile (and I often feel like some people need to smile more).  However, it wasn't until I saw the video for this song and actually paid attention to each and every single word being said, that I truly began to understand the meaning and the purpose behind it. 

There's one part in the song where Kirk says, "Now everyday ain't gonna be perfect, but it still don't mean today don't have purpose."  Now that may not be the most grammatically correct sentence, but for me, these words make the message of the song crystal clear.  We smile not because everything in life is perfect, but because God has a purpose for everything that we go through in life.  He has a plan, and it's a good plan. 

Sure, it's easy to smile when things are going great, but this song has helped me to see that I can still smile when life is rough.  I can smile when life is difficult.  I can smile when life is painful because I know that there is purpose in the pain.  Like the song says, "I know God is working, so I smile.  Even though I've been here for a while, I smile."

Check out the video here, and I hope that it makes you smile.


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