Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dream Fulfilled {Kate Spade Purse}

For years, I have wanted a Kate Spade purse.  To me, her handbags are classic, chic and ultra-sophisticated, but they are also a little bit over my budget.  However, everytime I passed by the Kate Spade store in our mall, I would quietly say to myself, "One day, I will own my very own Kate Spade bag." 

Well, last weekend, my husband and I went to a premium outlet shop that is about 45 minutes from our house.  I was in need of a new lightweight coat because the weather is finally starting to cool off here.  After walking into a couple of stores, I found a coat that I really liked, but I wanted to make sure that I went to all of stores before I settled on buying one coat. 

Then, I discovered the Kate Spade Outlet, and even though I wasn't really in need of a purse, I knew I had to walk into the store.  Let me just say, I thought I walked right into heaven when I walked into that store.  Everywhere I turned there were beautiful purses, glamorous accessories, stylish clothes and adorable shoes. 

When I walked to the back of the store, that’s where I found a few purses that had an additional % off the already great sale price.  I saw one particular purse that I fell in love with instantly.  It’s a classic, tan hobo bag that will go perfectly with anything and everything, and the name of the bag just happened to be “lori” so I took that as I sign that this bag was meant to be mine.

I ran to get my husband and told him that I found a purse that I just had to have.

So, to make a long story short... I bought my very first Kate Spade purse!  I am so excited about it because it truly is a dream fulfilled.  And, the best part of this whole story is that this purse originally sold for $325, and I got it for only $120!!  Hallelujah!