Monday, April 2, 2012

My Blessing Has Come

Two weekends ago, we celebrated our son's 3rd birthday.  The entire week leading up to his party, I kept telling him that his birthday was coming.  When we sent out the party invites, I told him it was because his birthday was coming.  When we picked out the decorations, I told him it was because his birthday was coming.  When we baked cupcakes, I told him it was because his birthday was coming.

With every chance that I got, I wanted William to know that his birthday was coming. 

On the day of the party, William was so excited.  Even though I had been preparing him for this moment, I still wondered if he fully understood that we were all there to celebrate him and his birthday. 

Well, while William was eating his birthday cake, he turned around and quietly said to me, “My birthday has come!”  I responded back with a big smile, “Yes, buddy, that's right.  Your birthday has come.”

That was such a special moment because it helped me to see that William had recognized his blessing.

There are so many times when God blesses me with something awesome, but unlike William, I fail to see it as a blessing.  Like with this blog, for example.  God has given me the desire to create and maintain this blog.  He also gave me the courage to share two of my original songs on here.  Up until now though, I haven't recognized those things as blessings. 

Instead, I’ve been wondering about all of the other things that I still want to accomplish, such as what is my next song going to be, or will I ever have enough songs to make an album?  I've spent so much time focusing on all of the things that I have not accomplished that I've forgotten to celebrate the things that I have accomplished. 

Everything that God has allowed me to do with the blog, so far, has been an incredible blessing.  And, thanks to my three-year-old son, I am learning to say, "My blessing has come!"


  1. Right on! Preach William!! Happy Birthday!!

  2. awe!!!! That is so sweet of him to say that!! And a powerful truth!!! :-) "My blessing has come!!" :-)