Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful in its Time

I've always envied other parents whose children held their hands.  Whenever I try to hold William's hand, he refuses with a loud "No!"  Even when we are about to cross the street, I tell William that he needs to hold my hand so that I can make sure he is safe, but he still refuses.  In those instances, I just grab his hand anyways and he ends up walking next to me kicking and screaming.  This always made me so sad because I started to believe that William would never want to hold my hand. 

Well, a couple of weeks ago, something wonderful happened.  One afternoon, William and I were walking across a parking lot, and when I told him to hold my hand, he simply reached up and grabbed my hand without any protest at all.  He held my hand and walked peacefully across the parking lot with me.  It was an awesome moment!

Ever since that day, William is much more willing to hold my hand, whether we're crossing the street, going down a flight of stairs or just walking in the grocery store.  The desire that I always had for William to hold my hand is now a reality, and I thank God for it.       

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says "Has has made everything beautiful in its time."  Having William hold my hand without protesting was one of those things that God made beautiful in His own time.  In His perfect time.  Sure, I would have liked for it to happen a lot sooner, but maybe William wasn't ready yet.  Maybe William needed more time to excercise his independence.  Or, maybe God was teaching me a lesson to be patient and to wait for Him and His timing.

There may be something that you are wanting and waiting for in your life.  A business you are trying to start.  A book you are trying to write.  A song you are trying to sing.  Your dream and vision may not look as beautiful and lovely as you would like it to be, but I encourage you to keep pressing on, through the "ugliness" of it all, and trust that God will make everything beautiful in its time.     

Have a blessed week,

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