Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Well, it's official - I'm 31 years old!  My birthday was yesterday (September 18th), and I had the most wonderful day hanging out at home with my family. We watched football, cooked hot dogs and french fries and ate delicious cupcakes from Crave.  It was a relaxing and peaceful day, which is exactly what I wanted. 

On Saturday, the day before my birthday, we headed out to Galveston Island to go to the beach. It was sunny but not too hot, so it was perfect.  


Later in the afternoon, it was really windy outside, which was perfect because we got to fly the kite that my uncle bought for William a few months ago.  It was so much fun seeing the smile on William's face as he was flying his kite.  These are the moments in life that I live for. 

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! I am so thankful that you celebrated it the way you wanted. Looks like you had a fun day? William is so adorable, love the kite.;)